NHS Tender Services

We help you maximise your pharmaceutical tender opportunities using our deep knowledge of the process and our expertise in the field.

Our Objectives to help your business

1)   To ensure that you are aware of and participate in all relevant tender opportunities for relevant products.

2)   To provide a confidential, cost efficient, thorough and reliable service, which meets deadlines and provides maximum commercial return.

3)   To provide an appropriate interface and communication with the mainstream business, so that it minimises the workload for the existing management in the company.

UK Tender Opportunities 

  • NHS England National tenders
  • NHS England Regional tenders
  • WHS (Welsh Health Supplies) tenders
  • SHS (Scottish Healthcare Supplies) tenders
  • Northern Ireland Regional tenders
  • NHS Hospital specific tenders for Unlicensed Medicines
  • NHS Supply Chain

Our Services 

  • Systematic tender scanning and review of NHS tender opportunities in UK (published on OJEU/TED, NHS-Sid, CMU-bravosolution, etc).
  • Proactive communication and liaison with relevant purchasing authorities so as to maximise the commercial opportunities for you to supply the NHS.
  • Informing you of potential opportunities as they arise.
  • Submission of expressions of interest for Invitations to Tender (ITT’s); review of details, identification of specific product opportunities; and completion of confidential tender specifics (including prices and regulatory and commercial details).
  • Using the bespoke NHS applications, including Bravosolutions Procontract ‘PHACTER’, ‘SELECTT’, and ‘nhssid4gov’ to ensure that all deadlines are adhered to.
  • Updating and maintaining your company profiles on NHS and Department of Health databases as required to qualify for Tender Participations.
  • Managing your listings on PharmaQC, ensuring that up-to-date and accurate product details are registered
  • Communicating to you, as required, all relevant details and additional information relating to tender activity, including copies of all tender submissions and any feedback on pricing.

Tender participation can have a significant impact on the performance of your business, and we work closely with all our clients to meet your specific and individual needs so that we can function as seamlessly as possible as part of your regular business operation.

If you are Interested in our NHS Tender Services 

We have been providing these services to varied clients for over a decade, from multi-national to very small and we have a reputation for integrity and consistency. This is as important to us as it will be to you..

Please contact us for an obligation-free initial discussion. We will be pleased to confirm the details of what we can specifically offer to your business.