Structure & Process 

    Professional process management is key to controlling complex transactions.

  • For some clients this will be the first time they complete a transaction, we recognise this
  • Information flow between counterparties in a deal requires careful management
  • Issues of confidentiality, timetable, and exclusivity need to be planned and controlled

Experience of Team 

    Experience with global names gives depth to our service and advice.

  • Professionalism and ethical standards are integral to our work and reputation
  • The team is drawn from globally recognised names such as Chase Manhattan Bank. Roche, Deloitte, KPMG, Procter & Gamble, Morgan Grenfell, Kraft, and Boaz Allen Hamilton

Sector Knowledge 

    Industry understanding is key to initiating and completing good deals.

  • We understand our clients business and competitive environment
  • We monitor the trends, strategies and aspirations of industry participants
  • We have wide contact bases in each industry we serve

Creative Ideas 

    A creative company generates well-researched ideas on behalf of clients.

  • Good ideas are well-researched ideas
  • We employ initiative and lateral thinking in our research and negotiation
  • Many clients look to us for ongoing strategic initiatives


    Working at all times with reference to the human dimensions of the deal.

  • The sale or purchase of a business is a human decision
  • Financial and commercial issues are important but they do not 'close'the deal - people do